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  • 2016

    Catalyzing Commercialization: A New Generation of Bio-Based Adhesives from Bioadvantaged Monomers

    Biopolymers, produced at least partially from renewable resources, have gained attention as society, industry, and governments realize the need to move away from petroleum-based materials. There are two main types of biopolymers — bioreplacement polymers and bioadvantaged polymers. Bioreplacement polymers are produced using tools like synthetic biology and catalysis. In this approach, the polymers differ from their petroleum-based competitors only in the age of their carbon.However, achieving cost parity is extremely difficult.

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    Smartphone App Detects Risk of Fall

    Credit: Lia Koltyrina/ Healthcare wearables are a booming industry, and many devices have been developed for the elderly to detect falls. But identifying a fall after it has occurred could be too late.

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