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    Catalyzing Commercialization: Novel Concrete Wall Panels Lower a Building’s Energy Footprint

    About 20% of total energy consumption in the U.S. is used for the heating and cooling of buildings using conventional sources like fossil fuels. While standard thermal insulation, with its low thermal conductivity, can help mitigate heating/cooling loss, researchers have sought to incorporate thermal storage capacity within the building envelope to better control the temperature variations across building walls.

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    Test Helps ‘Rubber Meet the Road’ in Wet Driving Conditions

    Credit: Siamak Farhad, Mechanical Engnieering Department, University of AkronMore than 300,000 people are injured and about 4,000 die each year in car crashes that occur on roads with wet pavement, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

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    Catalyzing Commercialization: Novel Palladium-Graphene Catalysts Improve Pharmaceutical Processing

    Pharmaceutical companies use a variety of metal catalysts to produce active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). One of the most widely used catalytic reactions in commercial operation is the Suzuki cross-coupling reaction, which can produce high-volume drugs such as the anti-hypertension drug losartan. These reactions traditionally employ homogeneous palladium catalysts, which often require extensive purification to separate the catalyst from the product.

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