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The Office of Sponsored research (SRO) of the IUCRC grant must submit the SRO Membership Certification as a part of Annual (or Final) Reports submitted to NSF. The SRO Membership Certification is not required when a center is under a no-cost extension.

There are two available forms.

  • All IUCRC Site Awardees on solicitations prior to NSF 20-570 (IUCRC awards prior to 2021) must use this form: SRO Memberships Certification (prior 2021). Must be submitted as both PDF and Microsoft Word file formats. This form must be submitted by each site in the IUCRC on their respective award.
  • The Lead Site IUCRC Awardees under solicitation NSF 20-570 (IUCRC awards 2021 and after) must use this form: SRO Memberships Certification (2021 and after). Must be submitted as PDF file format. Only one SRO Membership Certification per IUCRC is required, and it must be submitted by the Lead Site on behalf of all Partner Sites in the Center.

Instructions on what information must be provided is listed in the relevant Form.

If there are questions regarding the use of these forms, please contact the cognizant Program Officer of the grant.