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The Office of Sponsored research of the IUCRC grant must submit the SRO Membership Certification Form printed on Institutional Letterhead and physically signed by the SRO Administrator. The document should also contain the SRO's formal title and printed name and date. The "Others" section of the form is optional. If a grant is in a no-cost extension period, the SRO should add columns to the table to accommodate the additional years. An SRO may provide the information for multiple sites on one form, provided that it is clear which membership information applies to which Site.

What to report: For the purpose of the NSF certification of memberships, the SRO must list the companies that had executed membership agreements during the NSF reporting period and started paying their membership during that year. If membership fee is paid in installments, SRO must indicate the total amount of level purchased but flag it by indicating the amount received during the reporting period (see examples). Do not not report payments of installments carried over from memberships executed in previous NSF reporting periods.

The SRO membership certification reports memberships in any given award year, not payments or expenditures on projects.