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About Government Membership

Federal, state and local government agencies, Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDC) and National Laboratories can become IUCRC members with the same rights and responsibilities as corporate members.

To ensure that IUCRC research remains pre-competitive, government entities may not use the IUCRC to conduct contractual research. Government and industry members do not perform research, but help decide the strategic direction of research of the Center.

Per the Bayh-Dole Act (P.L. 96-517, Patent and Trademark Act Amendments of 1980), government entities retain a non-exclusive license. 

Membership Agreement

Find a full description of member rights and responsibilities in the IUCRC solicitation, the Center requirements and membership agreement.

The Membership Agreement is provided in its entirety below with standard clauses governing university ownership of intellectual property (IP) (Clause F), IP licensing to members (Clause G, H), copyright (Clause I), and royalty distribution (Clause J). Options 1-3 given below either retain or modify this sample.

  • Option 1: Sample. Substantively unchanged Membership Agreement
  • Option 2: Open Source Software. Membership Agreement (below) with copyright Clause I replaced with the following Language:
I. All software created under this Agreement will be released as open source under the Apache X.Y license (“Center Software”). The parties agree that they will not pursue patent protection for such software. Therefore, each party understands and agrees that if it wishes to utilize any Center Software created solely by the other party, it can obtain and use such Center Software under the terms of the Apache X.Y license.
  • Option 3: Public Domain Operation. Agreement (below) with Clauses G, H, I, and J removed and Clause F replaced with the following clause:
F. Activity of the center funded all or in part by center membership fees will be in the public domain upon completion and publication review by members.
Membership Agreement