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Center Overview

The Center for Science of Heterogenous Additive Printing of 3D Materials (SHAP3D) focuses on 3D printing. Its work encompasses many different additive printing and manufacturing methods, and will enable rational design and creation of new material feedstocks; understanding of the material properties, protocols, and design rules used in 3D printing; and development of new 3D printing methods for novel materials and composites.

The mission of SHAP3D is to provide the fundamental knowledge for additively printed heterogeneous products that integrate multiple engineering materials with complex 3D structures and diverse functionality. Through research, SHAP3D is developing the critical and necessary insight into the fundamental structure-processing-property relationships to predict and control the integration of diverse materials for 3D printing.

The vision of SHAP3D is to provide its participants with new, validated materials with tunable properties and superior functionality for integration in real-world, heterogeneous designs. SHAP3D aims to enhance national excellence in additive manufacturing research and development that has direct relevance to industry, and develop a cadre of diverse undergraduate and graduate students with world-class training.


  • University of Massachusetts, Lowell
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • University of Connecticut
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Center Personnel

Christopher Hansen
Site Director - UMass Lowell
+1 978 934 2932

Jerry Qi
Site Director - Georgia Tech
+1 404 385 2457

Patrick Drane
Technical Program Manager
+1 978 934 2996

Joey Mead
Center Director
+1 978 934 3446

Anson Ma
Site Director - UCONN
+1 860 486 4630

Research Focus

SHAP3D's research projects are in one or more of the following areas:


Achieve unique properties through design leveraging topology optimization, multi-material printing and blending.


Develop novel and enhanced materials and the understanding of the interfacial bonding of the multimaterial systems.


Formulate and validate models to achieve faster printing, and more reliable and functional components and systems.

Printing methods

Improve and create new printing methods, concepts, and systems.


Member Organizations

IUCRC affiliated member organizations are displayed as submitted by the Center. Non-federal organizations are not selected, approved, or otherwise endorsed by the National Science Foundation.
  • Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Akita Innovations
  • Barnes Group
  • DEVCOM Armaments Center
  • DEVCOM Soldier Center (Formerly NSRDEC)
  • Greene Tweed
  • HP Inc.
  • Hutchinson
  • Integrity Industrial Inkjet Integration, LLC.
  • Karagozian & Case
  • Nanoptics Inc.
  • Raytheon Technologies (Formerly United Technologies Corporation)
  • Stratasys, Inc.