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Center Overview

The Center for Fiber-Wireless Integration and Networking (FiWIN) for Heterogeneous Mobile Data Communications researches telecommunications technologies to increase mobile wireless communication bandwidth, quality of service, and distribution over long and short distances.

FiWIN conducts radio-over-fiber research and investigates technologies essential to mobile 5G access. Started in 2006, FiWIN seeks to meet the projected needs of the telecommunications industry, and ultimately, the public. FiWIN envisions multiband wireless radio frequency services being generated and carried optically over existing optical fibers through an integrated optical and wireless network that includes signal transmission, network design, control, and management. Results of the research will be disseminated among industrial members to foster the development of a competitive, widely available, high-performance, and secure communication infrastructure for advanced, high-performance mobile communication.


  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Auburn University
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Center Personnel

Shiwen Mao
Center Staff
+1 334 844 4438

Gee-Kung Chang
Center Staff
+1 404 894 4819

Research Focus

  • Heterogeneous communications.
  • Mobile networking.
  • Networking.
  • Optical networks.