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Center Overview

The mission and vision of the Center to Stream Healthcare In Place (C2SHIP) is to promote in-home healthcare technologies that allow people to manage chronic diseases in their own homes. C2SHIP also seeks to accelerate innovation, multispecialty collaborations, and resource sharing, as well as prepare a workforce able to promote wellness through self-care technologies.

Digital healthcare, which includes wearable, portable, and implantable devices, is regarded as a natural choice for these at-home, “in-place” health applications due to its low cost, high accuracy, and noninvasive monitoring capabilities. The past several years have seen an increase in digital wellness devices, such as wearable sensors, that can collect data in real time and reveal the physical and chemical properties of the body and its environment to evaluate patient wellness. C2SHIP connects clinicians to patients via these devices, allowing clinicians to gather patient data and provide care without patients’ needing to leave their house.

C2SHIP research supports new in-home healthcare designs to help:

  • Improve accuracy and efficiency in harnessing new technologies such as noninvasive sensors, mobile platforms, and cloud and edge computing for communication reliability and energy efficiency to maintain cutting-edge digital wellness infrastructures.
  • Manage scalability and complexity in creating a network of precision health through automatic detection and interventions that can help hundreds of thousands of patients simultaneously.
  • Provide adaptability and agility to ensure adaptive and real-time responses to react quickly to patients’ needs.

C2SHIP will conduct high-impact research in chronic disease management and care delivery with industrial companies of all sizes; enhance U.S. global leadership in healthcare innovative technology development; and identify, mentor, and develop a diverse, highly skilled biomedical science and engineering workforce.


  • University of Southern California
  • University of Arizona
  • California Institute of Technology
  • Baylor College of Medicine
  • University of Missouri
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Center Personnel

Janet M Roveda
Center Director
+1 520 621 6182

Chiara Daraio
Site Director
+1 626 395 8515

David Armstrong
Site Director
+1 520 305 9393

Bijan Najafi
Center Co-Director and Site Director
+1 713 798 7536

Research Focus

C2SHIP funds and directs research in four areas:

  • Data mining
  • Data streaming
  • Design
  • Prototype testing

C2SHIP research topics and directions include the following:

  • Conducting quick proof of concept clinical studies.
  • Delivering effective health care through state-of-the-art infrastructures (e.g., drones, wireless, cloud, smart transportations).
  • Designing clinical trials to scientifically validate newly designed technologies or explore new health informatics applications.
  • Designing protocols to secure stream data that is compatible with different healthcare protocols (e.g., clinical trials, FDA regulations, HIPAA/HITECH compliance, hospital procurement, Veterans Affairs healthcare system).
  • Determining application-centered technology criteria (e.g., form factor, architecture, machine learning, blockchain, data visualization, and multimodal interfaces) to optimize interaction with patients, caregivers, and care providers.
  • Determining market fit and gaining customer insights.
  • Extracting and validating clinically meaningful information from technologies designed to manage chronic disease.
  • Facilitating learning opportunities for users of new technologies.


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