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Center Overview

The Center for Research in Intelligent Storage (CRIS) pushes the boundaries of file, memory, and storage systems by exploring and developing new technologies and techniques to improve the usability, scalability, security, reliability, and performance of data storage systems.


  • Texas A&M University
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Center Personnel

Dr. David Hung-Chang Du
CRIS Director and Qwest Chair Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
+1 612 385 8781

Dr. Narasimha Reddy
CRIS Site Director, J.W. Runyon, Jr. ’35 Professor I and Associate Dean for Research
+1 979 458 5005

Dr. Krishan Kant
CRIS Site Director and Professor in Computer and Information Systems
+1 703 309 5386

Dave Aune
CRIS Managing Director
+1 952 807 6853

Research Focus

Research on new storage technologies: flash memory-based solid-state drive, nonvolatile random-access memory, shingled write disks, and kinetic drives.

  • Research on new storage hierarchies and hyper-convergence: multilevel caching/prefetching, data allocation/migration, multitiered storage, new information technology infrastructure (seamlessly integrating server, storage and networking).
  • Cloud storage and Big Data: OpenStack, key-value store, Hadoop, Spark, Container, Access Hint, cloud storage, software-defined storage.
  • Input/output (I/O) workload characterization and synthetic workload generation.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning approaches for data and storage management and for systems design.