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Center Overview

The Center for Tire Research (CenTiRe) provides research, development, and solutions to tire, vehicle, testing, and materials companies through modeling, analysis, testing, and demonstration of integrated solutions and systems. CenTiRe is dedicated to researching tire and tire/vehicle materials, physics (including modeling), testing, sustainability, and manufacturing.


  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • University of Akron
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Center Personnel

Dr. Saied Taheri
Center Director
+1 540 231 8250

Dr. Jae-Won Choi
Center Co-Director
+1 330 972 8275

Mr. Greg Bunting
Managing Director
+1 540 231 0461

Research Focus


Developing new advanced materials or novel use of existing materials, or utilizing new molecular level or constitutive modeling techniques, to enhance the specified performance of the tire while maintaining and perhaps enhancing other performance areas. New materials technology is of high value to the tire, automotive, and materials supplier companies.


Developing technology that will allow better use of natural resources and consumer/production waste streams in the areas of tire materials, manufacturing, and post-life. New materials from sustainable sources, low environmental impact manufacturing, and tire recycling and reuse are of great interest to CenTiRe member companies.


Developing new equipment, procedures, or techniques for testing in areas such as new materials. Validating constitutive equations, tire-road interactions, and novel testing of tire performance. Providing more accurate, realistic, efficient, and economical testing capabilities is of great interest to our member companies.

Tire physics

Developing new insights and techniques that will allow CenTiRe's industry members to understand and predict tire characteristics. This includes advancements in the mechanics of tire-road interaction modeling, physical and empirical tire modeling, road profile modeling, and developing simulation technology for use with pre- and postproduction tire and tire/vehicle performance assessments.


Member Organizations

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