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Center Overview

Structural integrity and reliable life prediction of infrastructure and mechanical components have relevance in every public and private sector, ranging from energy to aerospace to construction to chemical processing industries. CISIA serves as a trusted source of transformative insights, predictive capabilities, and materials innovations across broad industrial sectors, focusing on structural integrity assurance for small and large structures and mechanical components. CISIA conducts use-driven, fundamental, pre-competitive research to establish linkages between material properties and infrastructure performance in terms of its structural integrity. Establishing linkages between material properties, infrastructure performance, and structural integrity requires multi-disciplinary research collaborations; CISIA is well-positioned to elucidate and translate these links and their collective impact on reliability across all U.S. industrial sectors. The academic and industrial members of CISIA work in concert to produce a diverse workforce of engineers who are trained in state-of-the-art facilities to utilize modern methods of structural health monitoring and analysis. These engineers will join a highly qualified and productive workforce that significantly enhances the global competitiveness and resilience of U.S. industries.


  • Louisiana Tech University
  • Louisiana State University
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Center Personnel

Michael M Khonsari
PI & CISIA Director
+1 225 342 4253

John Matthews
Co-PI & LA Tech CISIA Site Director
+1 318 257 2852

Andrew Mallow
CISIA Industry Liaison
+1 314 705 3902

Research Focus

CISIA focuses on structural integrity and materials innovation — with emphasis on multiscale materials characterization and testing, and multiscale physics-based modeling and simulation — to research component and civil asset fatigue, wear, lifetime assessment methods, and nondestructive accelerated testing. CISIA leverages its extensive infrastructure for research into installation, inspection, structural health assessment, and rehabilitation of underground utility systems as well as innovative nondestructive evaluation methods for above-ground civil infrastructure.

By integrating validated diagnostics, machine learning, and data-driven decision-making, CISIA will elucidate and translate the links between new materials, manufacturing processes, and service histories, and their collective impact on reliability across all U.S. industrial sectors.

With state-of-the-art research facilities, CISIA specializes on research involving:

  • Accelerated and nondestructive testing
  • Component fatigue, wear, and corrosion
  • Continuous structural health monitoring
  • Design of dynamic high-stress interfaces
  • Fully structural repair materials for buried pipeline assets
  • Innovative testing methodologies for newly developed structural repair materials
  • Lifetime assessment and prediction
  • Machine learning to better predict asset conditions
  • New structural materials and fabrication methods
  • Nondestructive structural integrity analysis methods and algorithms
  • Validated diagnostics for structural evaluation


Member Organizations

IUCRC affiliated member organizations are displayed as submitted by the Center. Non-federal organizations are not selected, approved, or otherwise endorsed by the National Science Foundation.
  • Aegion Corporation
  • Baker Hughes
  • Dow Chemical
  • Lockheed Martin
  • MELD Manufacturing Corporation
  • Mide Technology
  • National Center for Advanced Manufacturing
  • Shell