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Center Overview

The mission of the Center for Environmental Sustainability through Insect Farming (CEIF) is to develop novel methods for using insects as feed for livestock, poultry, and aquaculture. CEIF brings together leading industry and academic experts to create ways in which insect-based products can become a sustainable alternative for feed and food production. Research results can also help decrease pollution and competition for human-grade food, increase quality assurance and quality control of products, and improve efficiency in production. CEIF’s collaborative research leads to new strategies for optimizing production, better understanding the insects’ impacts on diets, and increasing the safety and overall sustainability of this novel industry.

CEIF serves as the conduit for communications among these experts, helping them develop common goals. To support this rapidly developing agriculture sector, CEIF will help prepare the next generation of scientist-entrepreneurs, as trainees will gain cross-disciplinary experiences in entomology, microbiology, genetics, chemistry, engineering, food science, business, and other areas.


  • Texas A&M University
  • Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis
  • Mississippi State University
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Center Personnel

Jeffery K Tomberlin
Center Co-Director
+1 979 845 9718

Heather R Jordan
Center Co-Director
+1 662 325 8252

Christine Picard
Center Co-Director
+1 317 278 1050

Cheryl Preyer
Center Industry Liaison Officer
+1 303 601 9746

Research Focus

CEIF focuses research efforts on optimizing industrially relevant insect traits to increase efficiency, promote quality assurance, and support product diversification for insect agriculture. Projects include the study of animal feed supplemented with insect protein, microbiome utility for feed and waste conversion, and genomics for trait selection and breeding strategies. They also include surveys for quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC). This research will be invaluable in developing standard operating procedures for QA/QC and to regulatory bodies seeking independent research as insect agriculture continues to grow.


Member Organizations

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