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Center Overview

The Center for Advanced Non-Ferrous Structural Alloys (CANFSA) is the premier industry-university research center for non-ferrous physical metallurgy, with an emphasis on the needs of the industries that develop, manufacture, and use non-ferrous alloys.

Fundamental understanding of the effects of processing and alloy composition on microstructural characteristics results in the ability to create new and higher-performing alloys for a wide range of applications in the transportation, construction, defense, energy, and aerospace sectors.

CANFSA connects academia, government, and industry; investigates industrially relevant processing-microstructure-property-performance relationships with state-of-the-art experimentation and modeling; trains students and the next generation of non-ferrous physical metallurgists; and supports students, faculty, and curricula in non-ferrous physical metallurgy.


  • Iowa State University
  • Colorado School of Mines
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Center Personnel

Peter Collins
Center Staff
+1 515 294 5225

Amy Clarke
Center Staff
+1 303 273 3000

Research Focus

CANFSA manages over a dozen projects and strives to maintain a balanced portfolio that includes a wide range of alloys. Among projects are those involving titanium, nickel, aluminum, magnesium, gold, silver, and copper alloys, multi-principal element alloys, and shape memory alloys. CANFSA focuses on the design and characterization of non-ferrous structural alloys, specifically addressing the effect of processing and alloy design on properties and performance.

Processing pathways of interest include solidification, solid-state phase transformations and microstructural evolution, additive manufacturing, thermomechanical processing, severe plastic deformation, and coating/joining processes.

Property and performance characteristics include mechanical response at a variety of temperatures, strain rates, and strain states, and material response to service environments. These properties are measured via postmortem mechanical and microstructure evaluation, nondestructive evaluation, and advanced in-situ characterization techniques.


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